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We are excited to launch our first Koʻokua Mentorship Program, thanks to the generous funding and support of the Hawaiʻi People's Fund as recipients of the 2022 Hoʻāla Grant.


Ka ʻĀmana Mentorship Program seeks to sustainably grow our hui o Kalauokekahuli provider base in order to increase the capacity of perinatal education and services we are able to provide to Kanaka and Pasifika birthing people o ka pae ʻāina.

Through this program, six cohort participants will be selected to receive one-on-one mentorship from Kalauokekahuli Koʻokua, Wahinehula Kaʻeo and Mālia Kaupe. Mentorship activities include deep dives into ʻike related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum through reading and discussion, shadowing, and hands-on learning. Cohort members will also build community with each other through online learning opportunities. Upon successful completion of the year-long program, cohort members will be asked to serve as Kalauokekahuli Koʻokua for at least one year as needed and with compensation.

We will also be offering special topic workshops to the cohort and community through funding received from the Hoʻāla Grant. Topics include: Childbirth Education; History of Colonialism and Anti-Racism in Birthwork in Hawaiʻi; Hānai Waiū, and ʻIke Kupuna. Check out our Instagram and Workshops and Events pages for updates!

Applications have now closed and mentors have been selected and notified. Mahalo!

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